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The Movement Shall Not Be Moved

First a Biblical verse, later adapted into a hymn, after that a protest anthem, and then a folk song -- the songs "I shall not be moved" and "We shall not be moved" don't seem to be moving. Why? We all know the answer. Where there is injustice, there better be protest. Strange Fruit Wines began protesting and advocating for social justice long before "it" was of legal drinking age. The reason #BLM is considered the largest movement in our history is simple: because Black lives do matter. And, until they matter to everyone, everywhere, just like a tree standing by the water, #BLM will not be moved. For those that think #BLM is a trend or a wavering edifice, they could not be more wrong. In the month of June alone, between 15-26 million Americans protested in solidarity.

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