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Aging Justice: Decanting the Origins and Essence of The Strange Fruit Collection

In the heart of every bottle of Strange Fruit Wines lies a profound story, a purpose that transcends the ordinary, and a call to confront the injustices that linger in the shadows. This is more than just a wine collection; it is a vessel for change, a testament to resilience, and a pledge to ignite conversations that matter.

Fermenting Transformation: Echoes of Injustice

In the annals of history, a photograph captured the brutality of "The Lynching of Thomas Ships and Abram Smith" in 1930. Seven years later, Abel Meeropol, a Jewish school teacher and impassioned union activist, transformed this haunting image into the poignant protest song of the twentieth century — "Strange Fruit."

Vintage Activism in Verse: Meeropol's words, "I wrote Strange Fruit because I hate lynching, and I hate injustice," reverberate with a profound disdain for systemic inequities and racial injustice. The visceral impact of Meeropol's lyrics serves as a stark reminder that the haunting reality depicted in "Strange Fruit" is not a bygone era but a present-day manifestation, with race-related killings and lynch-like murders still casting a shadow.

Bottling Protest: Purposeful Fermentation

Almost eight decades since Meeropol and Billie Holiday declared war against racism, "Strange Fruit" remains an unapologetic call to arms against injustice. The Strange Fruit Collection stands as a contemporary testament to Meeropol's abhorrence, unwaveringly declaring its stance against racism and injustice that continues to stain the Land of the Free.

Uncorking Change: Legacy and Platform

Meeropol's graphic verses, stripped of euphemism, resonate in the soul of every American. The Strange Fruit Collection recognizes the power inherent in protest and the perilous stagnation that accompanies silence. More than a mere collection of wines, it stands as a catalyst for challenging conversations — conversations that confront the uncomfortable truths of systemic racism and demand a reckoning.

Aged in Irony: The Inception

On July 3, 2017, The Strange Fruit Collection emerged in response to the ironic naming of "White Girl Rosé." Struck by the absurdity, it became a platform to address real grievances: systemic racism and police brutality. Thus, a brand was born, with wines awaiting perfect names.

A Vintage Tribute: Naming the Wines

The tragic stories of Stephon Clark and Botham Jean became the catalyst for wine names. In honor of their memory, #BlackLivesMatter Moscato and #SayHerName Sweet Red Blend were crafted. In homage to "Strange Fruit," the brand was named Strange Fruit Wines, officially incorporated as The Strange Fruit Collection in April 2018.

Vintage Voices: Educators, Advocates, Activists

Public school educators by day, the creators of The Strange Fruit Collection have always focused on social and racial justice. The journey to create this collection wasn't without challenges, for the production of the wines took over two tumultuous years after incorporation. Nevertheless, each obstacle strengthened their resolve. Proud of the progress yet fully aware of the journey ahead, their identity as educators, advocates, and activists forms the backbone of the collection.

Bottled Revolution: The Strange Fruit Collection Today

The Strange Fruit Collection transcends being just a wine brand; it's a manifestation of change. In a world that sometimes demands silence, it chooses protest. Each bottle declares a stand, an instrument of change, a reminder that silence is not an option. The Strange Fruit Collection symbolizes resilience, a call to action, embodying the belief that change is possible.

Aging Injustice: Decanting the Origins and Essence of The Strange Fruit Collection.

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